Introducing New PECKStoneTM, from Vilofoss®

A unique enrichment tool designed specifically to prevent and reduce abnormal pecking behavior—superior to other poultry pecking blocks!

  • Provides an effective chicken pecking block target—redirects aggressive pecking behavior to prevent poultry cannibalism
  • Supports beak conditioning:
    • Can be used in conjunction with beak trimming or as a tool to aid natural beak conditioning where trimming is not employed
  • Enhances animal welfare
  • Naturally attractive to poultry
  • Durable yet destructible—the ideal pecking target
  • All natural and organic
  • Vital salts and minerals incorporated, but no impact to overall nutrition/diet
  • Easy to incorporate into any operation
  • From Vilofoss, creating value-added solutions for global animal production for over 80 years

PECKStones™ are available for any poultry operation.

PECKStoneTM is available for any poultry operation

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It’s amazing how quickly the birds flock to the PECKStone! As soon as you set the stone down, the birds run over to it. I think the PECKStone gives them something else to play with and attracts them to peck the stone rather than each other. We’ve been very pleased with our PECKStone experience.”

— Pennsylvania Flock Manager

Designed specifically for your birds and your operation

Available in 3 hardness levels: MEDIUM, HARD, EXTRA HARD

How to use

Cage-Free Layers and Breeders

Type of PECKStone™
EXTRA HARD or HARD, for durability and optimal beak conditioning

Use and Placement

  • Use from initial bird placement, or add anytime
  • Remove the PECKStone™ from the plastic tub
  • Turn the tub upside down and place on litter or scratch area
  • Place the PECKStone™ on top of the tub

Broilers and Pullets

Hard or MEDIUM, for comfort and beak conditioning

Type of PECKStone™
For de-beaked birds try MEDIUM

Use and Placement

  • Use from initial bird placement
  • Remove the PECKStone™ from the plastic tub
  • Place the PECKStone™ on litter or scratch area
  • “Split” PECKStone™ is also available for birds in the house 6 weeks or less


Type of PECKStone™
EXTRA HARD, for tough conditions and maximum durability

Use and Placement

  • Place PECKStones™ in the finishing barn prior to moving from the brooder chamber
  • Remove the PECKStone™ from the plastic tub
  • Turn the tub upside down and place on litter or scratch area
  • Place the PECKStone™ on top of the tub
  • PECKStone™ may be modified to hang

Experiment with PECKStone™ in your operation and find the option that works best for you!

Rate: Place 1 PECKStone™ for every 500 birds

Disposal: PECKStones™ can be left to naturally degrade and be destroyed by pecking. Residual stone remnants and empty bucket can be discarded with other waste from operation. The tub may be recycled.

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, salt, magnesium oxide, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, wheat bran.

PECKStone™ has been found to be in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) Standards.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Min Max
Calcium (Ca) 21.0% 24.0%
Phosphorus (P) 4.0%
Salt 7.5% 9.0%
Sodium (Na) 3.5% 4.5%
Magnesium (Mg) 2.5%
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How to place PECKStonesTM

Unpack and determine a location.

Peckstone in Package -

Remove stone from tub.

Peckstone Poultry Blocks Stand Cover -

Place stone on top of tub.

Peckstone Poultry Blocks Placement -

Step away and enjoy.

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I’ve noticed that the birds with PECKStones have fuller feathers and seem less aggressive. It provides a distraction from pecking at each other. I prefer PECKStones to be in with the hens shortly after bird placement to prevent pecking before it starts. Egg production is high, and the marketer is happy. Not to mention they are so easy to use. I think they are a really useful tool to raise a humane bird.”

— Matt Meck, Featherton Farms